With the pricing structure it is safe to say there is profit for all vendors.

From c-stores to game rooms providing multiple games to choose from on each terminal.

Redemption Software

Your customers will have access to a 24hr online web site. Where they can use their points to buy anything from visa cards to high end Electronics.

Auction Software

Bid and win: Why go to a game site that makes you buy points with no real value?

Here you can use your points to bid on auction items. Assuring that you get something for your money.


We are dedicated to providing the best support we possible can.

From software installation to upgrades. We will be assist you all the way.

We can design games that you like, just ask us to design it, and we will do our best to provide you with the games your customers enjoy playing.

Fun Games



Pull Tab Systems

We are excited to now offer video pull tabs to our line of products. Designed to aid in contrabutions for non for profits.

Bobby will be happy to gave you any information on pull tabs, just give him a call 888-246-1607. ( For Sale Only)



Product Sweepstakes

We are also excited to offer Product Base Sweepstakes. Take your Sweepstakes locations to a new level.

Prividing products to consumers. and using the sweepstakes to promote the sales of products. You can purchase from location or from home.

Just log in and start buying.

The Catalog Store

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